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Recent Obituaries for Burials in Eureka Cemetery (2016-2017)

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Jimmie Spain

Brenda Albritton

Ruth McCall

Aileen Tanner

Curtis Rash

Arnold Coker

Tommy Davis

Dorothy Reynolds

Mary Harris 

Elizabeth Owens

Carolyn Hutson

Sylvia Coker

Teresa Lambert

Lori Boyte 



The following quotes are from a 2002 questionnaire about favorite memories of the annual Memorial Picnic in the Cemetery! 

"I would walk a mile for a piece of Peggy Chandler's coconut pie!" -Robert Boyd

"In the early days of the cemetery - the front of the cemetery was all planted in roses." -Helen Boyd

"I look forward to going to the Memorial Day Picnic to see lots of people... I always meet quite a few of my special relatives who come!" -Naomi Davidson Blaize

"I remember before the picnic was started - the farmers chose a day to hoe the Cemetery with hoes and rakes. I remember once it rained so hard and the wind blew and got all the food wet!" -W.M. and Loudine Montgomery

"I remember that Bub Grantham sold ice cream cones and of course I always wanted one. The money from the ice cream went to the maintenance fund. If memory serves me - they also had blocks of ice that Bub chipped off for everyone's iced tea. It was always a fun time and lots of good food!" -Margaret Thomas

"We always remember Edna Hodge's meatloaf and chocolate pie and who could forget Peggy Chandler's coconut pie!" -Madelyn and Buck Hodge

"I've been coming to the picnic since the late 30's! My specialty was always chocolate pie!" -Hazel Thomas

"The first time I came to the picnic was in the late 1950's. In later years the women would have you try their desserts - especially Mrs. Dora Grantham. Starting in the 1960's for several years - the Mildred Young Homemaker's Club put a flag on the graves of men killed in battle - when they decided after a few years to stop - I decided to keep putting out flags in their honor." -Peggy Thomas

"I started coming soon after I married in 1933. I remember that I was asked to talk and give the devotional one year and I closed my talk by reading one of Whitney Montgomery's poems." -Edna Hodge

"I used to work for Brice Bonner bailing hay as a teenager and we always stopped work to attend the picnic.  I remember the hams that Nellie Bonner and Mary Patterson would bring and Helen Boyd's lemon pound cake!"  Barney Thomas

"I've only been attending the picnic since Barney and I married - at first I just couldn't make myself go and eat in the cemetery. After I fully understood what it was all about, I started attending. I remember one year having to go down and mow the cemetery for three days because it rained so much before the picnic. It was no easy task finding good help to mow!" -Patricia Thomas

"I was baptized in the little church that was next to the cemetery which I attended in my earliest childhood years." -Eloise Johnston

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