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Burial grave lots are for sale for $500 each with a 2 lot minimum. Single space lots will only be sold if available. Also, lots are not currently being sold in the newest areas of the cemetery - some of that area is not currently mowed as frequently as the rest of the cemetery in order to minimize expense. 

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The following is a list of US Military Veterans known to be buried in the Eureka Cemetery.

(Please provide updates for this list to
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Civil War

Dr. J.S. Bonner (1828-1900)

Robert E. Greenlee (1839-1895)

John N. Matthews (1841-1925)

G.W. Dubose (1845-1928)

Robert B. Johnston (1829-1891)

P.K. Montgomery (1836-1896)

J.D. McCall

Thomas N. Chandler

World War I

Mortimer Watkins (Killed in Action)

Willie Greer (Killed in Action)

Randolph Robinson (Prisoner of War)

William B. Blackmon

World War II

J.L. Howard (Killed in Action)

Odie Pritchett (Killed in Action)

James Thomas Whitfield (Killied in Action)

Robert M. Jennings (Missing in Action)

Douglas Weaver

William B. Blackmon

M. Nolan Boyd

J.H. Lanier

A.H. Asby


Weldon Harris (Killed in Action)

Germany Peace Time

Douglas Allen Weaver


Troy Orion Coker (Killed in Action)

Benjamin Grant (Killed in Action)

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